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Graphics card mining (GPU) — payback period calculation, comparison table 2018

Graphics card miningIf you are a lucky owner of a computer with a graphics card of a good quality, you can start mining bitcoins right now. However, to increase your profit and engage in it professionally, we recommend you to buy several video cards (the amount from 4 to 6 is optimal), and build you own mining farm to get the cryptocurrency. Owing to the installation of several video cards you will be able to increase the level of your computer performance, and it will perform calculations much faster, since it is exactly the video cards that provide all the processing power for mining (for the majority of algorithms). We want to note, that taking into account the current prices for the graphics cards in 2018 the cloud GPU mining became more profitable than buying your own equipment, it is much more flexible in terms of investments and doesn’t require farm maintenance. We have conducted a detailed review of the cloud cryptocurrency mining with the best services rating according to the last several years.


  1. How much money can you make out of one video card?
  2. Which video card to choose – performance by using different algorithms
  3. Video cards payback period calculation
  4. Video cards overclocking to increase the hashrate during the mining process
  5. Specialized NVIDIA video cards for mining

How much can you make out of one video card?

Having some idea of how to make money out of a video card, you should know which graphics card are the best for mining. A great choice here would be AMD Radeon of the 5th generation and above. Since the total sum of your earnings depends on the performance of this device, we recommend you to purchase top-of-the-range models.

Some people believe that the calculation speed is a little bit higher while using the AMD graphics cards, than when you use similar models from nVidia. That largely depends on the calculation algorithm on which every cryptocurrency is built. In fact, the more calculations per second are performed, the higher your profit.

It is important to remember that if you decide to mine using only one video card, even a top-tier one, its performance will not be enough.You will spend way too much time to get 1 BTC. For instance, if you use GPU Radeon HD 7970, you result is going to be around 555 MH/s, and the daily level of production is 0,0031 BTC, or 80 cents. It is worth considering that the consumption of electricity increases during mining. Thus, this way of producing crypptocurrency is considered to be inexpedient.

Which video card to choose – performance by using different algorithms

When the future miner knows how to make money out of a video card, he faces a difficult choice which graphics card to choose for the self-made farm.

You can find a more detailed review of what model of GPU is optimal here, you should review the material thoroughly before making a decision to buy something. The best options have been chosen by us here, considering a cost-benefit ratio. The information will be presented in the form of a table for ease of reference.

Table of graphics cards performance in mining by using different algorithms:

Video card modelZEC HashrateETC/ETC HashratePower consumptionZcash effectiveness (Sol/w)Ethash effectiveness (MHS/W)
GTX 1080 Ti620 Sol35 MH/s250 Вт2.480.140
GTX 1080475 Sol28 MH/s180 Вт2.630.153
RX 580280 Sol26 MH/s185 Вт1.510.140
RX 570260 Sol25 MH/s150 Вт1.730.166
GTX 1070435 Sol27 MH/s150Вт2.900.190
GTX 1060282 Sol20 MH/s120 Вт2.350/150
RX 480300 Sol29 MH/s150 Вт2.000.190
RX 470250 Sol24 MH/s120 Вт2.080.200
RX 460110 Sol11 MH/s75 Вт1.470.146
RX 560120 Sol12 MH/s90 Вт1.330.133
RX 55070 Sol10 MH/s65 Вт1.080.153
R7 370150 Sol190 Вт0.78?
R7 360155 Sol100 Вт1.00?
GTX 1050 Ti155 Sol13 MH/s75 Вт2.060.173
GTX 1050135 Sol60 Вт2.25?

Those models listed in the table show meaningful return on investment comparing to their counterparts, and according to expert opinions, they are the best choice when it comes to mining in 2018. For example, GTX 1070/1060 and RX 480/470 will be paid off for 5-6 months. Also, one should not forget that every single day it is becoming harder to produce cryptocurrency, but its value is constantly growing, which allows maintaining a proper balance, thus attracting new people into mining.

The most popular solutions for mining cryptocurrency are the ones from AMD. This is due to the graphics cards design features, and that is exactly why the users primarily buy such solutions as Radeon RX470 and above. Nevertheless, nowadays the power lag of videoadapters from Nvidia for mining is not that significant, and that is why such popular models as GTX 1060 sell like hotcakes.

By the way, a conspiracy theory of raising interest towards the cryptocurrency from the video cards manufacturers really exists, since Nvidia is preparing specialized graphics cards for mining known as P104-100 and P106-100. They differ from the classic video cards by the fact that they do not have video outputs; also they are equipped with weal cooling and have a limited warranty. That is why for an average user it is better to buy a top solution such as GTX 1070, because it can always be sold to a gamer, thus partially paying off its initial cost.

Video cards payback period calculation

GPU:Pay-back period:Not including the electricity:
Radeon RX 470183 days (16% per month)145 days (20.6% per month)
Radeon RX 480193 days (15.5% per month)156 days (19.2% per month)
Geforce GTX 1060154 days (19.4% per month)130 days (23% per month)
Geforce GTX 1070185 days (16.2% per month)162 days (18.5% per month)
Radeon Fury X278 days (10.7% per month)213 days (14% per month)

As far as you could notice from the table above, the most profitable video cards for mining now are Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3gb and Radeon RX 470 4gb. It is worth noting that it is true only at this particular moment and by using the most profitable algorithm now which is Equihash, what will happen later on and what kind of algorithms will appear in the future, and how the mentioned graphics cards will behave by using these algorithms is not known.

If you are interested in mining profitability right now, then you can choose Geforce GTX 1060 if you prefer Nvidia, or Radeon RX 470 if you’re a fan of GPU from AMD. To calculate the profitability of mining you can use the cryptocurrency mining calculators for GPU (the data they contain can greatly vary even within one day, since the exchange rate can rapidly change).

Video cards overclocking to increase the hashrate during the mining process

The performance improvement of GPU cards for mining is an integral part of the farm configuration. You can perform overclocking with the help of special software running on the operating system, and we recommend MSI Afterburner for that. You can also flash the BIOS to overclock your graphics card.

All possible overclocking options are described here, and also there are video instructions for AMD and Nvidia cards (they have different principles of overclocking).

Also, on our website you can find detailed reviews of the most popular GPU for producing cryptocurrency in 2018:

  • Geforce GTX 1050
  • Geforce GTX 1060
  • Geforce GTX 1070
  • Geforce GTX 1080
  • Radeon RX 480
  • Radeon RX 580

Specialized video cards for mining from Nvidia

Nvidia has prepared 2 graphics adapters which have been designed specially for cryptocurrency mining. Both these cards are based on existing Pascal architecture chips, but they were improved to mine more efficiently and productively on Nvidia GTX chips. Authorized Nvidia partners provide these graphics cards with GP104-100 and GP106-100 chips.

It should be noted that the warranty for these video cards lasts only for 3 months. The launch of these Nvidia GTX graphics cards for mining is expected in the middle of June, but the timing may change for different suppliers. It is stated, that due to using the P104-100 graphics chip the performance/watts increased by 30% comparing to GTX 1060 3GB. And P106-100 chip in comparison with the same video card provides an increase of 10%. Both video cards are produced without video interfaces.

Nvidia P104-100 graphics card uses the same design as Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. But it provides much more performance per 1 watt of consumed electricity, as the adapter was specially improved for the mining process on Nvidia GTX. The cards from different manufacturers are distributed with different chips frequencies, while the base model operates at a base frequency of 1607MHz. The overclocking frequency is 1733MHz with a memory bandwidth of 10 Gb/s GDDR5X with a bus width of 256 bits.

The power is supplied via a single 8-pin connector, and the power consumption is about 180 watts. The base model of a video card is planned for shipping at $350, and the model from Inno3D is announced at a price of $370 – Inno3D P6D-N104-1SDN P104-100 Twin X2 8GB GDDR5X. These prices are significantly less than the prices of their gaming counterparts ($499).

The claimed mining performance of Nvidia GTX P104-100 will be approximately 60 MX/s, but this performance will be possible only after updating the BIOS adapter to the new firmware.

Nvidia P106-100 model uses the same design as Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. Due to this fact it became possible to configure the graphics adapter to mine with Nvidia GTX much more efficiently. This adapter operates at a base frequency of 1506 MHz, and the turbo frequency with that is 1708 MHz, and the memory bandwidth is 8 Gb/s GDDR5 with 192-bit bus. Power is supplied via the 6-pin connector, and the power consumption is 120 watts.

The base model price in the USA market will be $200, which is $49 cheaper than its gaming counterpart GeForce GTX 1060 6 Gb. And the price of a specific adapter Inno3D (N5G-N106-4SDN P106-100 Twin X2 6GB GDDR5) is $235.