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Browser Mining: what is it and how to make money out of it

Browser mining is the process of cryptocurrency mining using special software (miner) that is integrated into the website.

By launching the website, the user also launches the miner which initiated the process of cryptocurrency mining by exploiting the computation capacities of the computer that belong to the visitors of the website.

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  1. The browser mining of bitcoins is possible.
  2. The browser mining service called BrowserMine.
  3. The hidden browser mining.

The browser mining of bitcoins is possible

The FreeBitcoin service has introduced an option that allows users to mine bitcoins on their browsers.

The procedure of connection to this service is very simple: just register on FreeBitcoin and go to the Mining section (you can find the link to this section in the upper menu of our website).

THREADS – the number of processor cores that will be used for mining purposes.

CPU USAGE – the percentage of usage of your processor.

The default set-up includes the maximum amount of core and the 100% CPU usage. You can always change these preferences.

After you have configured the mining set-up to your liking, just press START MINING at the bottom of the table and the mining will be launched. Do not close the tab with the miner, otherwise, the mining will be stopped.

How much you can make by employing the browser mining on FreeBitcoin

Unfortunately, we can’t provide the exact numbers since it is a relatively new module, though we know for sure that this type of mining will bring you very modest profits.

Firstly, the browser mining is less effective than the mining that uses special software.

Secondly, the processor mining is no longer relevant, so this FreeBitcoin feature would be useful only for rookie miners, who don’t know how to configure the proper mining software.

Or if your processor capacities are lying idle while you are just surfing the Web, then you can turn on the browser mining to 50% and it will make you an additional penny.

As we have mentioned earlier, this FreeBitcoin ‘feature’ was created for beginner crypto enthusiasts, and it probably won’t spark the interest of the experienced miners.

BrowserMine: the real browser mining service

BrowserMine is a genuine browser mining service. You get money for opening the webpage. No tabs, to invitations, no need to watch ads or solve math problems. Just leave the webpage open in the background tab and get on with your errand, while money is accumulating on your account.

To start mining in the browser, you just need to move the slider to the right to increase the CPU usage; the greater the usage, the more crypto coins you will receive. The speed is measured in BMH /s (BrowserMineHash per second), the accumulate BMH is converted to the local cryptocurrency BMC (BrowserMineCoin) once every 10 minutes. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.1 BMC.

  • BMH (BrowserMiningHash) are crypohashes generated by your browser.
  • BMH are converted to BMC once every 30 minutes.
  • BMC (BrowserMineCoin) is the local cryptocurrency that can be exchanged to USD or RUB and withdrawn to QIWI, Yandex.Money, Payeer, AdvCah, Visa/Mastercard. All exchange and withdrawal operations are carried out via the personal account.
  • The more productive your device, the faster your browser generates BMH.
  • BrowserMine works when this particular page is open in your browser.
  • In order for BrowserMiner to conduct mining, you don’t have to remain on that webpage all the time, just leave it in the background mode.
  • BrowserMine increases the load on the processor of your device. To reduce the load, you can reduce the speed of calculations (in the upper right corner).
  • BrowserMine works on the latest versions of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, including mobile versions.
  • When using BrowserMine on mobile devices, it is recommended to connect the device to a constant power source in order to avoid the rapid drain of the battery.
  • Some browser plug-ins (AdBlock, etc.) can block BrowserMine. If BMHs are not credited to your account, check the top of the page and try disabling browser plug-ins (or change the browser).
  • If you open several BrowserMine tabs, the BMH generation will generally occur only on one of them.
  • To withdraw the miner crypto coins, you need to register and log into your personal account. Coins that were mined without registration and logging into the personal account will be credited to the system.

The hidden browser mining

If you are watching a movie online or playing an online game and your CPU usage suddenly spikes to 100%, it means that your browser helps someone make money.

Why is it happening? The answer is really simple. The miners embed a special code, which a fragment of JavaScript, into the website.

The ways of protecting yourself from browser mining

The best and the most effective way to protect yourself from the malicious webmasters is to turn off the JavaScript in your browser by default and turn in on only when visiting the trusted web pages. This way, the user will be fully protected against the unauthorized launch of the miner on his/her browser.

It should be noted that JavaScript is a very vulnerable component and the spear of browser miner is yet another reason to disable it on every user device.

There are three methods of protecting yourself from unauthorized browser mining:

  • First, is the editing of hosts file that requires some knowledge of system administration.
  • Second, disabling JavaScript that will result in the limitation of websites functionality.
  • Third, installation of special browser add-on or uBlock and AdBlock filter. You should keep in mind that domain names and browser-mining tools can change, so you should update your protection mechanisms from time to time.

However, not only the visitors of such websites should be worried about protection. The owners of the websites must also think about how to secure them and prevent the implantation of extraneous code.

Many owners tend to neglect the issues of security and do not conduct the website audit. Given such a negligent attitude, the miner implantation is not the worst thing that can happen to the website.

The webmasters who want to protect their online resources, should check the server settings and update the server software. It could be done independently but would be better to consult the specialists to achieve better results. Besides, such check-up can be conducted not only by the third-party but also by the technical support of the hosting service.