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Choosing a power supply for mining in 2018, a server power supply or two typical power supplies?

When equipping a mining farm with a power supply, two options are possible:

  • Server power supplies (as a rule it is pre-owned blocks with soldered connections for the riser type and a number of video cards that you need;
  • Two typical power supplies that are synchronized in order to work together with the help of a special cable.

It is hard to say which option is the most optimal. Let us consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Server power supplies

One of the benefits of server power supplies is that they are designed for continuous operation 24/7 during 10-15 years, and they should bear a constant load better. However, the obvious disadvantages are:

  • High cost (especially if you buy new equipment);
  • Due to the fact that the power supplies should be resoldered to your farm requirements, you need to wait from 2 days to 2 weeks before the orders are placed and received;
  • More often those are the used power supplies with 1 to 12 months warranty, and you can’t be sure for how long this unit was used by the previous owner;
  • Consequently, maintenance is provided on a fee-for-service basis.

Typical synchronized power supplies

Advantages of typical power supplies are:

  • 3-5 years warranty from the manufacturer official service center;
  • the price of usual units is a little bit lower than the server power supply cost;
  • if the equipment fails, you lose only 50% of the farm performance (by disconnecting half of your farms, or replacing them to another farm);
  • you can buy them in a regular store in one day.

Disadvantages of typical power supplies:

  • the necessity to use a synchronizing cable for two power supplies;
  • can work on a 24/7 basis, but are not designed for that and sometimes fail.

Example of a server power supply


Perfectly fits the farm that supports 6 graphics cards. Main characteristics:

  • Input voltage: 200-240V AC 50-60Hz
  • Output power: 1400W (12V DC 114.6A)
  • Efficiency: 80PLUS PLATINUM 94%
  • The size of a power supply: 8.50 x 21.00 x 4.00 cm
  • Weight of the power supply: 1.12 kg

We use the heat-resistant tinned wires 80’C of the American standard 18AWG for powering additional graphics cards pins 6pin and 6+2pin. And also the power cord 220V has a hermetic version of euro plug.

Example of two synchronized power supplies

Nowadays there are a lot of typical power supplies presented on the market, though not all of them can be used while building a farm for producing cryptocurrency. That is why we recommend you to consult the following review, where we show you the best and the most popular power supplies for mining and also specify their key features.

Disadvantages of typical power supplies:

CHIEFTEC A-135 750W (APS-750CB)

Graphic adapter pins: 6+2-pin 4 pcs.

Output power: 750 watts

Choosing a power supply CHIEFTEC A-135 750W (APS-750CB) while building a mining-rack with four discrete graphics cards will be a perfect solution. This device is charaсterised by a semi-modular design and by the presence of only two soldered wires. They are used to supply the processor 8PIN (4+4) and motherboard 24PIN ATX with power. The rest of the wires, which are nine SATA cables, four cables for supplying video cards 8PIN (6+2) with additional power, two cables with a molex connector and a Floppy cable, can be easily disconnected when necessary.

The component under consideration has two output twelve-volt lines, each of which got current of 35 amperes. Also, this power supply is equipped with lines of 3.3V and 5V of 25 amperes each.

CHIEFTEC A-135 750W (APS-750CB) has the following main advantages:

  • Operation efficiency is more than 85% (our power supply received 80 PLUS Bronze certificate thanks to this parameter);
  • The cooling system which is almost silent, which includes 140mm fan with automatic speed control;
  • Reliable over and undervoltage protection systems, and also protection from overloads, overheating and short circuits;
  • The average duration of this power supply uninterrupted operation is one hundred thousand hours.

CHIEFTEC A-135 1000W (APS-1000CB)

Graphics adapter pins: 6+2-pin 6 pcs.

Output power: 1000 watts

CHIEFTEC A-135 1000W (APS-1000CB) power supply is a powerful component that can simultaneously provide power to a mining farm that contains six discrete graphics adapters. As well as the device presented above, this power supply is rewarded with 80 PLUS Bronze certificate due to its high efficiency value, which is around 85%. Among the advantages of this component, you will also find a low-noise cooling system with 140mm fan, which rotates at a speed controlled by a special smart system.

Thanks to the semi-modular design, all main cables supplying power to the 8PIN (4+4) processor, 24PIN ATX motherboard and PCIe 8PIN (6+2) pins in the power supply are output directly from the case. Additional wires, which are MOLEXх2, SATAх9, PCIeх4 и Floppy, can be disconnected if needed.

The power of CHIEFTEC A-135 1000W (APS-1000CB) twelve-volt line is 996 watts, and the power of 3.3 V and 5 V lines is about 140 watts. The presence of protection against voltage surges, short circuits and excessive heating are also among the features of this component, which is very important in the process of uninterrupted production of cryptocoins.

RAIDMAX Scorpio 1000W (RX-1000AP-S)

Graphics adapter pins: 6+2-pin 4 pcs.

Output power: 1000 watts

Special attention is drawn to the RAIDMAX Scorpio 1000W (RX-1000AP-S) power supply due to a large bright blue fan of the cooling system. High operation efficiency is among the main advantages of this device, and this gave occasion to the receiving of 80 PLUS Bronze certificate. This power supply is equipped with a twelve-volt line with a current of 82 amperes, which provides it with power of 984 watts, and also 3.3 V and 5 V lines with currents of 20 amperes each.

The expediency of using this power supply when building a mining farm is subject to the existence of:

  • Four removable cables 6+2-pin for providing power to discrete graphics cards;
  • 20+4 cable for providing power to the motherboard;
  • 4+4 cable for providing power to the processor.

Distinctive features of this component are:

  • power-saving mode support of the processors with Haswell microarchitecture;
  • Smart fan speed control system;
  • Support of different kinds of protection against overloads, overvoltage, short circuits, etc.

RAIDMAX Cobra 1200W (RX-1200AE-B)

Graphics adapter pins: 6+2-pin 6 pcs.

Output power: 1200 watts

RAIDMAX Cobra 1200W (RX-1200AE-B) power supply is an ideal option for the mining rack that contains six discrete video cards. The energy efficiency of this device is confirmed by a high efficiency rating, and that is why this power supply received 80 PLUS Gold certificate. It has an individual style due to the original design and also thanks to the vent screens that resemble honeycombs.

It is impossible to disconnect this power supply from the case, only two cables provide power to the processor, those are 4+4 pin and also 20+4 pin, the cable of connection to the motherboard. Six cables with 6+2-pin interface for PCI-E pins, nine SATA, six MOLEX and one Floppy cable are among removable cables. All cables are characterized by the availability of the quality plastic braids.

RAIDMAX Cobra 1200W (RX-1200AE-B) power supply is able to reach its maximum power of 1200 watts on a twelve-volt line at a current of 100 amperes, but it is also equipped with the lines of 3.3 V and 5 V with a current of 20 amperes.

This component has all necessary protection systems, including overload protection, and that is why it is an ideal option for long-term operation at constant high loads, which is necessary in case of cryptocoins production.

We can’t say that building a mining rack, you should choose only among the power supplies presented above, as on the market it is possible to find other devices of such kind that are suitable for this purpose. However, for those enthusiasts who want to test themselves in this new way of earning money, the capacity and characteristics of these components are quite enough. Though, many experienced miners consider it to be more expedient to use the power supplies from our TOP collection rather than buying more expensive models, which do not leave behind those models presented above in terms of characteristics.

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